Monday, September 20, 2010

I've created a monster.

Her name is Suzy....or Rat-baby.  ;)

She's not the prettiest of puppies. She was the runt, her hair hasn't grown in all the way, and she's definitely not soft and snuggy....but I SO love this little thing.  The big problem with her is that she doesn't like to be alone.  She doesn't want to eat alone, sit alone or even sleep alone.  I'm trying to catch up on a ton of stuff today and she's crying and clawing at my leg to pick her up.  I pick her up for a sec....give her some love and try to put her down and she GRUNTS, gives me a dirty look, and then goes right back to clawing and crying.  She's making me crazy.  I just put her outside for a bit so I can FOCUS. 

I've been sorta grumpy for a bit...I have a lot of things I have to accomplish and when I get in those moods I just want to crawl in a hole.  Which makes the work pile up even more.... yes, you'd think I would have worked that out before now.  BUT, at least I can snap out of it now.  The weather is beautiful and both the kiddos are healthy again.  THANKFULLY.   We're doing MUCH better this year... I'm impressed.  I don't know if it's the change in lifestyle or just a stronger immune system after being exposed for so many years now.  LOL  I'll take credit though.  ;) 

John wanted some pics of his truck this weekend so we went downtown and snagged some really cool shots... well, cool for US.  hehe  I grabbed a few of the kiddos too... we mostly just goofed off for a bit and watched some trains go by.  It was nice.... of course, boys will be boys.

John has lost about 40 lbs and his body has changed so much with his workout routine (2-3 hours a day).  I really wish I could find the motivation he has.  LOL  He needs to buy some new clothes though....I didn't know how baggy his were getting until I was editing. 

I snagged this sweet one the train in front of them.

John's other woman... a recently lowered Maybelle

And....because she's my puddin'.

Ok, I've killed enough time.... I have to let the princess back in and go snag my babies.  
 Hopefully I'll be back in a few days with some new products.  I'm in the middle of cuteness.  ;)

Happy MONDAY!  


Saturday, September 4, 2010

School stuff and photo fun!

Oh, and I didn't put my new stuff up.... again.  LOL

My husband has taken pity on me and hauled the twins off to a car club thing.  I've never officially been to one of those car meetings but I imagine it's sorta boring for Abs and Noah's climbing over everyone's vehicles.    BUT... I do know that it means SILENCE for me.  ;)

I made a new school kit...naturally.  I haven't had time to really scrap their first day but I do plan on getting around to it.  I managed to do one of Noders with his wrestling backpack. 

Here's First Day

Here's my layout...he's nuts.

Here's some CT eyecandy.

I also have some doodly frames up.

They're so messy and scratchy but still fancy ya know.  hehe

I have to get some scrapping finished... I want to try to do all the Challenges every month at Mscraps.  I believe I've managed 2 a month so far!  Pretty sad.  I spend more time editing my photos lately than I do scrapbooking them.  I'm seriously obsessed with actions.  I bought a bunch from M4Hens and I'm going to snag them from Florabella too.  I must run each pic through 4 or 5 before settling on one or two looks to print.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.    With each new photo I imagine how it's going to look with Little Rainbow slapped on it. LOL    
 I also think that when you aren't the best photographer these little things SAVE you.  Where would I be if I were still rocking the disposables and dropping them at Wal-Greens without editing.  SCARY.  I'm sure you have your own saves but this is one of my faves of Noder.
Before.. or SOOC (<-- hehe photog words)

He looks sorta hot and sweaty...and um, yes..we were on top of a railroad station and you could CLEARLY see the next building. LOL  Breadsticks anyone? ;)
Ok, and here's the "fixed" pic.

I realize that his hands are sawed off...but really, who notices that except a REAL photographer?  Exactly.  Love that pic.   AND can I ramble or WHAT?!

I'm not getting anything accomplished.  I have a HUGE idea that I have to get on.  It's going to take me a few days of doodling but hopefully it'll be worth it!!! ;)
Here's a little sale info... if you have anything in your wishlist at MScraps now is the time to snag em!!!

And if you spend $10 you get our collab for FREE!

Hope to see ya over there! :)
Good night ladies... enjoy your Saturday night.  GEAUX TIGERS!!! *ROAR*


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