Friday, June 25, 2010


Am I blog-slacker or what!  LOL   I've started a new schedule so hopefully, I can keep up with everything.  The kids are home for the summer so I don't have to be up so early the morning.  I can work in the evenings when they're sacked out. I LOVE it!

Ok, here's quick catch up.  I have some new kits up at MScraps.  I've messed up my 365 so horribly I don't know if I'm going to recover.  And, drum rolllllllllll I'm having a CT Call!  So, if you or someone ya know are looking for a LOW PRESSURE scrap gig- let me know!

Ok, I'm going to throw a few previews and then a freebie!!! :)

I'm finally finding some sort of groove after the year away from designing!  I was a little lost for a bit.  It's hard to come  back after being away so long.

Ok, I found this on my EHD the other day and was OH SO HAPPY.  I loved it...and still do.  Ya may find a use for them as well.  They're real paper so they have that yummy texture!

I used them on this... just did a blend on it so they weren't screaming.

Alright, that's about it for today!
Be Blissed my scrappin' friends! :)


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