Monday, November 16, 2009


It's NOVEMBER! One more month until I'm off to Illinois for our first family Christmas in a long time. In the meantime I'm just shopping and trying to keep everyone well. Neither of them is an easy task...LOL

Haven't really scrapped in a bit but working on some designs... loving the idea of this one. Mostly made it to scrap some pics of Abby in my favorite dress of hers.

Just stopped by to knock the dust off. Does anyone really do blogs anymore? Seems like anything of worth is put into status updates on Facebook! ;)


Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Friday!

Just loving this scrapbook thing again.... puts me in such a good mood! Playing with some more hybrid ( seriously hate that name.... what happened to mixed media?? LOL) and having a blast.
Here's my new one

I had to take a photo of it because of my past scanner issues....hehe Anyway, this one's with Lauren Reid's Clarity at Sweet Shoppe. I am IN LOVE with those doodle flowers.

Abby's always taking photos of herself...the girl has me concerned.

I had to have my hubby rethread my sewing machine so I could stitch that fabric on. He just loves playing sb with me. hehe

I'll be posting some freebies on here soon... hopefully I'll get it all set up soon. With Facebook I don't really see reason to blog daily.. ;)


Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I need another scanner! I'm tired of fighting with technology. I need to get on it's good side..hehe
I'm scrapping again. I'm going to try some challenges and see if I can get the motors roaring. Here's a bit of a hybrid layout... I made it paper with digital elements, then scanned it and added more digi. SUPER fun. Must do more tomorrow! ;)
Audrey has a great challenge on her blog. The challenge is to use elements filled with text. I decided to do a circle frame but did it half off my page. Gotta mix it up! Not as clear of a scan as I'd like but I gave up after 4 scans..hehe

(Credits: Paper, frame, ink swipes and labels from Clarity by Lauren Reid at SSD. Headline Stamps and Ink by Stampin' Up, Button by Tessa Ann from Etsy.)

I have some more to post but need to take some pics during the day. I lose detail with my little hunk o' junk.

Have a great one!


Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm dusting this thing off today.... excuse the mess.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's such a shame

I can't believe the news about David Carradine. So sad... I hope his wife finds the answers she's looking for. I'm watching Larry King and no one seems to believe he'd really do it but if I've learned one thing over the past few years it's that you just NEVER know what's going on in someone's head.

Today was such a great day with the kids though. We played Wii until my arms gave out and then we invented goodies in the kitchen. I'm hopeful that our chocolate/peanut butter fudge popsicles really freeze up. ;)

They're so big now... I can't believe they're actually 7! It seems like it's only been a few years. I don't know... I can't imagine me without them. (I know we all feel like that..hehe)

We made goodies for their class this year. Instead of doing cupcakes for both the party and their class party we did chocolate covered pretzels for their classes. SO cute. I did the same sprinkles on Noah's double Chocolate cupcakes.....They turned out really cute. They looked yummy anyway! Abby's were pink and teal with big rings on top. I can't find my picture tonight... I had to take them as I was walking out the door.

Here's a pic of the big ol' kids. I think this year will be the last "twin" birthday. She really wanted a Littlest Pet Shop party and he wanted Pirate but there just wasn't a way to work that into the skating rink section. Oh well... we had a blast anyway! Have a great night... tomorrow is FRIDAY! :)


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


The kiddo's are having some summery fun....
Nothing new to post yet. Just trying to get used to checking in. Today has been pretty busy. Our roof is being worked on right now so all I hear is hammering. The puppy just LOVES this. He's been yapping at them all day. He's lucky he's so cute.
I can't get my photos to go where I want them in here. They keep sticking them at the top of the post no matter where I have the cursor..hmmmm
I feel like a duck out of water with all of this stuff. Hopefully things will come back to me.


Figuring this thing out.

Just playing with some templates... I think I'm going to need professional assistance! LOL I can't figure out the most basic of edits. Use it or lose it I guess. ;)


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