Friday, August 13, 2010

New kit and Coupon code! :)

Hey there!  I hope you're having some fun this Friday the 13th!!!  I wish I would have remembered last night so I could play some jokes on the kiddos today.  But, as usual... I didn't realize the actual date until the afternoon.  Oh well.

Abby's sick and sleeping and Noah's been playing Guitar Hero so long I'm getting ready to LOSE my mind.  But, I'm trying to let him play up...this is the last OFFICIAL summer Friday.

The new kit is up at Mscraps!  It's called Summer Flies and it's super girly! I'm going to update my blog and make some blinkies with it later but for now..... here's the previews.

And here's some inspiration from my team.

AND..if you stuck through all that I have a special coupon for ya!
It's already 20% off...but you can take an ADDITIONAL 20% off by using coupon code blogwme!

Have a great weekend! 


Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's how it all started yet it's the first thing I let slide.  Shameful.  So, I spent the day (and night)'s been SO nice.  Of course, I had an accident an hour into one of them... I can't seem to stop myself from shutting down ps in the middle of things.  That's how I get my heart rate up...I'm like a dare-devil or something- can I finish a page before I sabotage myself?  LOL

My kids are home from Chicago.  I REALLY missed them this time... it's getting worse instead of better.  Makes no sense.   I believe that it's because they're turning into great little chit-chatters.  I didn't realize how much I really depend on them for convo during the day!  To fulfill my chat quota I had to resort to calling friends from 1982 and talking their ears off! ;)   Anyway, it took a single day before I was dreaming about that school bell ringing!  I swear, I believe that homeschool Mommies are seriously angels or something.   I NEED my days back.  LOL

OH...I was going to sign off without telling you that MScraps is looking for a CT! 

3-4 layouts per month.
upload to 4 galleries.
download only what you plan on using.
downloaded products should be used within a week.
promote the store & our products.
play praise games, etc.
active participation at our forum & gallery
participate in creating challenges and announcing them
be reliable

send an e-mail to
include the following info:
your name & forum name(s)
a short BIO
a list of current CT duties
a link to your most complete gallery
why you would like to be on our team
2-3 low resolution layouts that best represent your style

August 24th, 2010
but don't wait too long with sending in your application,
because we might close this call (a lot!) sooner.
CT will be picked by (a few of) our team members!
Good Luck!!!

Just wait until you see the hotness that's coming out soon.... new designers and a TON of new stuff.  So, get it for free ladies!!! LOL
Ok, I've spent entirely too much time on here today... my bottom is becoming one with this seat!
Have a great night!!!
And, so I have SOMETHING in this post to look at... here's a little sneaky of something coming Friday. ;)


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