Friday, July 23, 2010

It's NEW product day!

Again with the blogging... I'm seriously setting a new record for myself!  I may just have the hang of this.  ;)
I've been meaning to make this kit for almost 2 years!!! I have a little file on my computer of little quotes by the kiddos that I want to scrap.  Ok, so the kits finished... who's going to scrap them????  LOL 

Here's Chatterbox

Here's a little inspiration from some AMAZING scrappers!

Ok, I HAVE to get some laundry finished so I can pack up my kids.  They're heading off to Chicago to visit with Grandma for 2 weeks!!!  I know I'll miss them but I could REALLY use the peace and quiet for a few days.  I'm sure you understand!   After losing my little brother and sister it's very important for me that my kids KNOW my Mom.  I didn't make family enough of a priority and now it's just too late.  I'll always regret that.   
Alright, why do I do that to myself.. Ok. 

It's FRIDAY ladies..get out and do something FUN! :)


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Check this out... I'm blogging again!  LOL 

I'm up waiting to wake up the hubs.  He's going in early and I'm supposed to make sure he gets up...because 2 alarms and a cell phone aren't enough to ensure an early rise out him!

So, I've finished up the next installation of the MScraps August collab...and worked on getting myself caught up on Big Brother.  I won't go into my obsession with BB here...but just know, it's not pretty and I'm not proud.   Fortunately, in this day and age you can find some chicks to dish on ANYthing with ya.  Holla to my 2peas BBFF! ;)

I haven't scavenged my EHD's for a freebie today...but I do have a sneak peek of something new coming out Friday at Mscraps.  Who knows, keep an eye peeled and ya just may find a great coupon here on release day! 

First of all, do you know how your kids like to jibber jabber either in the car or *gasp* when you're trying to actually pay attention to your friend on the phone...hehe  Well, lately I've noticed that my daughter is SERIOUSLY into telling me all her innermost thoughts.  It's freaking HILARIOUS!  The things that fall out of her mouth keep me laughing.  I had to do something special to scrapbook some of them.  SO, here's a little sneak of what I came up with.....

Ok, I believe I've killed enough time... hopefully, I can catch him before the alarms wake up the offspring!
Have a wonderful day!!!

I also want to add that I'm going to finish up my CT choices and have everyone notified by tomorrow evening!  If anyone that's reading applied.... thank you so much!!! I'll be in touch! :)


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