Saturday, September 4, 2010

School stuff and photo fun!

Oh, and I didn't put my new stuff up.... again.  LOL

My husband has taken pity on me and hauled the twins off to a car club thing.  I've never officially been to one of those car meetings but I imagine it's sorta boring for Abs and Noah's climbing over everyone's vehicles.    BUT... I do know that it means SILENCE for me.  ;)

I made a new school kit...naturally.  I haven't had time to really scrap their first day but I do plan on getting around to it.  I managed to do one of Noders with his wrestling backpack. 

Here's First Day

Here's my layout...he's nuts.

Here's some CT eyecandy.

I also have some doodly frames up.

They're so messy and scratchy but still fancy ya know.  hehe

I have to get some scrapping finished... I want to try to do all the Challenges every month at Mscraps.  I believe I've managed 2 a month so far!  Pretty sad.  I spend more time editing my photos lately than I do scrapbooking them.  I'm seriously obsessed with actions.  I bought a bunch from M4Hens and I'm going to snag them from Florabella too.  I must run each pic through 4 or 5 before settling on one or two looks to print.  My husband thinks I'm nuts.    With each new photo I imagine how it's going to look with Little Rainbow slapped on it. LOL    
 I also think that when you aren't the best photographer these little things SAVE you.  Where would I be if I were still rocking the disposables and dropping them at Wal-Greens without editing.  SCARY.  I'm sure you have your own saves but this is one of my faves of Noder.
Before.. or SOOC (<-- hehe photog words)

He looks sorta hot and sweaty...and um, yes..we were on top of a railroad station and you could CLEARLY see the next building. LOL  Breadsticks anyone? ;)
Ok, and here's the "fixed" pic.

I realize that his hands are sawed off...but really, who notices that except a REAL photographer?  Exactly.  Love that pic.   AND can I ramble or WHAT?!

I'm not getting anything accomplished.  I have a HUGE idea that I have to get on.  It's going to take me a few days of doodling but hopefully it'll be worth it!!! ;)
Here's a little sale info... if you have anything in your wishlist at MScraps now is the time to snag em!!!

And if you spend $10 you get our collab for FREE!

Hope to see ya over there! :)
Good night ladies... enjoy your Saturday night.  GEAUX TIGERS!!! *ROAR*


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